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Superjobs': Why You Work More, Enjoy It Less

Career Development Work-life Balance Productivity Workplace ANNE KADET

Submitted Nov 23 2011 by Elina Douglas, 10 comments

1. Get Coaching 2. Blow Off Steam 3. Manage Up 4. Cap Your Hoursmore»


The Upside of Quitting

Work-life Balance Quit Job Career Path

Submitted Nov 22 2011 by Vincent Clayton, 5 comments

Stephen J. DUBNER: I’d like you to stop whatever you’re doing right now. No no, I don’t mean like stop so you can give your full attention to this radio show. I mean, honestly, radio is the perfec...more»


Your Commute Is Killing You

Work-life Balance Annie Lowrey

Submitted May 26 2011 by Alison Brown, 5 comments

Long commutes cause obesity, neck pain, loneliness, divorce, stress, and insomnia. This week, researchers at Umea University in Sweden released a startling finding: Couples in wh...more»


10 Signs Your Work-Life Balance Is Out Of Whack

Work-life Balance Work Jill Krasny

Submitted Oct 31 2011 by Victor Bennett, 2 comments

In this lackluster economy, millions of Americans are doing anything to keep their jobs, whether that means skipping their kid's birthday party or punching in at 11 a.m. on a Sunday to catch up on ...more»


Earn more without giving up your whole life

Work-life Balance RUTH MANTELL Salary Pay

Submitted Nov 15 2011 by Alison Brown, 3 comments

Do you work to live or live to work? You may have to do both to be a top performer who still manages to have a personal life. Most workers aren’t top performers, but smart choices and near-term sa...more»


Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Work-life Balance Career Path Lisa Manterfield career choice

Submitted Aug 29 2011 by Susan Copper, 4 comments

Is your career causing you chronic stress? Consider exploring careers known for their flexibility. According to a study conducted by the National Council for Family Relations, an organization foc...more»


How to Find a Low-Stress Job

Work-life Balance Larry Buhl

Submitted Dec 17 2011 by Susan Copper, 3 comments

Chronic job stress, which the World Health Organization has called a "worldwide epidemic," is not the occasional aggravation of a dysfunctional copier or an annoying coworker. It's the energy-drain...more»


Yoga May Help Low Back Pain. Mental Effects? Not So Much

Work-life Balance Productivity JENNIFER CORBETT DOOREN Exercise

Submitted Nov 26 2011 by Linda Cruz, 7 comments

A study believed to be the largest of its kind suggests that the physical aspects of yoga are effective at relieving low back pain, but it didn't find any evidence that yoga provided broader mental...more»


How to live 100 healthy years

Work-life Balance Retirement Kristen Gerencher

Submitted Nov 12 2011 by Linda Cruz, 2 comments

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — It takes “guts and smarts” to live to 100 and still feel well, says Dr. Walter Bortz, a scientific researcher, author, geriatrician and octogenarian marathon runner. ...more»


Top Careers For A Better Work-Life Balance

Work-life Balance Career Path career choice Charyn Pfeuffer

Submitted Oct 10 2010 by Victor Bennett, 2 comments

See how the right education could help you pursue a career with built-in flexibility. Are you tired of the same old, same old 9-to-5 office routine? Want to change to a career with a more flexible...more»

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