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All that is wrong with the Recruitment Industry

Job Search Recruiter recruiting Human Resource Steve Buckley

Submitted Feb 24 2012 by Victor Bennett, 7 comments

Money & greed. It really is that simple. Let's break it down to bare basics. A Recruitment Consultant should be an individual that helps speed up the recruitment process and take a significant work...more»


7 Ways to Ruin a New Employee

Starting A Job Workplace Co-worker Jeff Haden Human Resource

Submitted Feb 1 2012 by Katie Baldwin, 7 comments

Here are seven ways you can set the wrong course, and in the process ruin a new employee: 1. Welcome them to the family. Strong interpersonal relationships, positive working relationships, friends...more»


Don't Recruit Next Generation Talent, Grow It

recruiting Workplace Hiring Human Resource

Submitted Feb 1 2012 by Linda Cruz, 10 comments

Dan Heath and Chip Heath explain why you should grow your next generation of talent, not recruit it. The business world is obsessed with "talent" -- hiring it, retaining it, rewarding it. We're ur...more»


Document: What a Microsoft employment contract looks like

Microsoft Salary Human Resource Todd Bishop

Submitted Feb 6 2012 by Alison Brown, 10 comments

Sitting in court this week for a hearing in Microsoft's lawsuit against a former general manager hired by, I listened to lawyers and the judge quoting from a standard Microsoft emplo...more»


Everyone thinks they're hiring the top 1%

recruiting Hiring Human Resource 1% Interview

Submitted Feb 1 2012 by Victor Bennett, 10 comments

Martin Fowler: “We are still working hard to hire only the very top fraction of software developers (the target is around the top 0.5 to 1%).” Me: “We get between 100 and 200 [resumes] per opening...more»


What to do when your star employees quit

Career Change Salary Human Resource Hank Gilman

Submitted Feb 5 2012 by Jason Edwards, 10 comments

The day your best employee comes in with the news that they're moving on is the day you start recruiting them again. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 1. Don't bad-mouth the new employer. Thi...more»


My experiences as a Recruiter on Hacker News

Job Search Recruiter recruiting Human Resource Steve Buckley

Submitted Feb 25 2012 by Alison Brown, 7 comments

Allow me to preface this post with some caveats: I have not, nor ever will attempt to solicit business on Hacker News This is not a 'pity me' post Here's a little bit of background on me: I studie...more»



Job Application Hiring Human Resource Interview Daniel Miessler

Submitted Dec 14 2011 by Sydney Austin, 2 comments

Few topics are discussed as much in the tech industry as how to hire great people. There are myriad approaches, from how to look for qualities you want, to how to filter people you don't want, to h...more»


rude texts from manager, should HR be required to use the company’s benefit plans, and more

Management jobs Boss PRN SHRM

Submitted Oct 2 2013 by Katie Baldwin, 0 comments

It’s seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. Boss texted me rude comments about my marriage and wants me to work on my anniversary I am a salaried employee who is conside...more»

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