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Quick Salary Tip for Software Engineers

Recruiter Developer Programmer recruiting Mark Cunningham

Submitted Dec 22 2011 by Jason Edwards, 11 comments

There are a lot of ways to negotiate salary and this tip is by no means the best one. However, in the right situation, it could be helpful. If you find yourself engaging directly with a firm (ie. n...more»


Getting a job in software development: A Reddit discussion round-up

Developer Programmer WalterGR

Submitted Jan 3 2012 by Susan Copper, 3 comments

Hello /r/cscareerquestions! I'm going on the job hunt for the first time since starting my career, after receiving a bachelor's in CS degree in 2003. I've collected these Reddit submissions ov...more»


Stack Exchange Developer Compensation

Developer Programmer Compensation Salary Stack Exchange

Submitted Feb 20 2012 by Victor Bennett, 7 comments

This is a description of how developer salaries are determined at Stack Exchange.more»


Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice

Programmer IT Jobs Patrick

Submitted Nov 8 2011 by Alison Brown, 2 comments

If there was one course I could add to every engineering education, it wouldn’t involve compilers or gates or time complexity.  It would be Realities Of Your Industry 101, because we don’t tea...more»


Programmer Salary Pay rrlicht3d

Submitted Apr 1 2012 by Katie Baldwin, 2 comments

Just read an article in a local Austrian newspaper, telling that local companies are unable to find good developers and programmers. There are currently 22% more open job positions in this area com...more»


Why I Will Never Feel Threatened by Programmers in India Cheap Overseas Programming

Programmer IT Jobs Programmer Jobs John

Submitted Dec 4 2011 by Linda Cruz, 2 comments

[UPDATE: To all those who got here by clicking a link entitled "Why I Will Never Feel Threatened by Programmers in India", that title has been retired as an unfortunate misfire on my part: much of ...more»


Free Online Computer Science Course

Education Developer Programmer David Malan

Submitted Dec 24 2011 by Katie Baldwin, 1 comments

This free online computer science course is an introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science. Topics include algorithms (their design, implementation, and analysis); software dev...more»


Why we don't hire programmers based on puzzles, API quizzes, math riddles, or other parlor tricks

Interview Questions Programmer Programmer Jobs david

Submitted Jan 5 2012 by Jason Edwards, 1 comments

I remember the first time I interviewed for a front-end programming position and got asked how to do something in JavaScript on a white board. The specifics are vague, but it’s crystal clear h...more»


Top software dev job boards

Programmer IT Jobs Max Masnick software developer job

Submitted Jan 8 2012 by Elina Douglas, 1 comments

I’ve been working on posting a web software developer job opening and it’s taken a fair amount of research to find the various job boards that seem to be appropriate. I thought other could benefit ...more»

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