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Unpaid Interns, Complicit Colleges

Job Search Intern College ROSS PERLIN

Submitted Nov 23 2011 by Sydney Austin, 5 comments

ON college campuses, the annual race for summer internships, many of them unpaid, is well under way. But instead of steering students toward the best opportunities and encouraging them to value the...more»


fired without warning, employers with spelling errors, and more

Microsoft Intern California Toda ACC

Submitted Sep 10 2013 by Jason Edwards, 0 comments

It’s seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. Am I being too nit-picky over an employer’s spelling error? Recently, an accounting/tax office opened up in my ne...more»


I want to give my rude manager a reality check, hanging out with coworkers outside of work, and more

Intern jobs LinkedIn All Exp

Submitted Sep 13 2013 by Linda Cruz, 0 comments

It’s seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. Should I give my rude internship managers a reality check? I’ve been interning at an nonprofit for over three mon...more»


Why Networking In Unusual Places Is Critical For College Grads

Starbucks Intern jobs recruiting graduates

Submitted Sep 30 2013 by Vincent Clayton, 0 comments

The job market is still competitive, especially for recent college graduates, which means networking is a critical step to landing a job. Most college graduates know to tap their campus career cent...more»


do companies keep do-not-hire lists, I don’t have any work to do, and more

Business Manager Intern jobs Skype

Submitted Sep 30 2013 by Katie Baldwin, 0 comments

It’s seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. Do companies keep “do not hire” lists? Do companies maintain a no hire list and is it legal to do? I asked becau...more»


Young employees don’t know how to act in an office

Intern graduates Facebook Int issues

Submitted Sep 27 2013 by Jason Edwards, 0 comments

Dear Evil HR Lady, I work for a government organization, so we get a lot of newcomers for whom this is their first job. They range from people straight out of high school to fresh college graduates...more»


managing an unmotivated staff, getting out of office lunches, and more

Internship Intern jobs Empo Form

Submitted Apr 5 2014 by Susan Copper, 0 comments

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. My staff is unfocused and unmotivated — what can I do? I’m a project manager for a team of engineers that builds websites, and ...more»

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