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Are you leaving a million dollars on the table?

jobs alaries Salary salaries

Submitted Sep 28 2013 By Vincent Clayton, 0 comments

So what if you don’t negotiate salary? It’s never that much money, right? For instance, if you get a salary offer of $45,000 per year, and were able to negotiate it up to $47,000 per year, that’s only $2000 per year, less than $40 per week. And $40 a week is nice, but it might p...more»


Need to Cut Payroll? Here’s a Painless Solution

Telecommuting Tech Pay skills study

Submitted Oct 1 2013 By Victor Bennett, 0 comments

Are you running a technology business? Or do you have tech people on staff? Tech people aren’t cheap, and there can be demand for certain  skills can be high. Every business would love to have a loyal, hardworking, skilled set of tech workers for less money than they currently have, right? ...more»


how to be an awesome hard-ass

Abs Work Pay employer learning

Submitted Oct 4 2013 By Linda Cruz, 0 comments

It’s Flashback Friday! Here’s an old post from March 2012 (okay, it’s not that old, but I like it) that we’re making new again, rather than leaving it to wilt in the archives. A reader writes: In a post recently, you described yourself as “blunt, assertive, kind of a hard-ass, and not...more»


forgetting your salary, dressing up for second and third interviews, and more

UPS Degree All There Legal

Submitted Sep 9 2013 By Vincent Clayton, 0 comments

It’s seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. My company uses short-term rotations instead of promotions I work for a large company at a call center. I’m fairly compensated for what I do and I love almost all aspects of my job. There’s one thing that...more»


How to build a great professional reputation (and get raises, job offers, and admiration)

alaries U.S. News & World Report salaries

Submitted Sep 12 2013 By Vincent Clayton, 0 comments

Having a great professional reputation can be its own reward: It’s fulfilling to have people think highly of you. But beyond that, a great reputation can give you tangible pay-offs, in the form of job offers, higher salaries, better project assignments, and the security of knowing that you’ll hav...more»


meetings scheduled at 10 p.m., when to call references, and more

jobs alaries There Pay employer

Submitted Sep 11 2013 By Katie Baldwin, 0 comments

It’s seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. I’ve been ordered to draft an email praising myself I recently started a position (it’s been a little over a month) as a facilities coordinator on contract for 3 months and was thrown into the deep end of it...more»

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