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How to Land a New Job

Job Search Cover Letter Job Interview Job Hunting Resume

Submitted May 29 2012 By Linda Cruz, 23 comments

Whether it's rewriting your cover letter, reviewing the way you approach interviews, or rethinking what kind of job will make you happy, here are some tips for landing a new job in the new year. You'll hear from authors, career experts, career coaches, and even entrepreneurs. Position yours...more»


7 Tried-and-True Steps for Negotiating a Job Offer

Salary Negotiation Pay MIRIAM SALPETER

Submitted Apr 4 2012 By Linda Cruz, 18 comments

Are you prepared to negotiate a job offer? New LinkedIn research shows 42 percent of professionals in the United States are uncomfortable negotiating; approximately 25 percent admit to never having negotiated in the workplace. The study also shows that many of LinkedIn's U.S. members (3...more»


That Jerk at Work May Get Paid More Than You

Job Search Salary Negotiation Workplace Cindy Perman

Submitted Nov 24 2011 By Susan Copper, 8 comments

They say nice guys finish last and, despite your mom’s protests, that may actually be true.more»


Ugly? You May Have a Case

Job Offer Salary Negotiation DANIEL S. HAMERMESH

Submitted Nov 23 2011 By Susan Copper, 10 comments

BEING good-looking is useful in so many ways. In addition to whatever personal pleasure it gives you, being attractive also helps you earn more money, find a higher-earning spouse (and one who looks better, too!) and get better deals on mortgages. Each of these facts has been demonstrated over t...more»


When to Talk About Salary

Salary Negotiation Salary LINDSAY OLSON job offers

Submitted Jun 1 2012 By Linda Cruz, 4 comments

Bringing up salary too early with a potential employer might cost you the chance of landing the job. Wait too long and you might not get to negotiate. Let's look at when to talk about salary in two scenarios: working with a recruiter and working with the company hiring manager. When ...more»


Salary negotiations for techies

Salary Negotiation Salary Data Jacques Mattheij

Submitted Feb 5 2012 By Sydney Austin, 8 comments

Technology people are without a doubt the most inept group when it comes to negotiating for compensation. There are two major problems that dog them. The first is that they usually actually *like* their jobs. As long as they get to work with the cool tech and the neat toys, they'll sleep under th...more»

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