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A note to Google recruiters (and on Google hiring practices)

Recruiters Interview Questions Interview Tips Google

Submitted Feb 20 2012 by Elina Douglas, 8 comments

days. Interest I have in going through Google’s hiring process again: zero. When Metaweb/Freebase was acquired by Google last year, we came in as part of the Search team. As a community/develope...more»


Recruiters: Why, oh why, aren't they more into me?

Job Search Recruiters Job Hunting Matt Youngquist

Submitted Jun 16 2012 by Vincent Clayton, 3 comments

The Bermuda Triangle and Sasquatch. Now those are real mysteries. As for how the modern recruiting and staffing world operates, that topic isn't quite so enigmatic -- although many job hunters cont...more»


The Failure of Passive Recruiting: Recruiters

Recruiters recruiting Human Resources TUTORSPREE Hiring

Submitted Nov 21 2011 by Linda Cruz, 5 comments

This is an actual conversation I had with a recruiter: Phone rings and I pick it upmore»


Why Keeping Your Options Open May Harm Your Job Search

Job Search Recruiters Recruiter Career Resume

Submitted Sep 11 2013 by Alison Brown, 0 comments

It is human nature in job search – as in dating – to want to keep your options open. Many job seekers, whether early-career and fairly inexperienced or 15+ years in and heralding a plethora of diff...more»

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