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My secret Hobby: Applying for jobs

Job Search Job Application Nikolaus Gebhardt

Submitted Nov 23 2011 by Alison Brown, 4 comments

I have a probably unusual habit: I'm applying for jobs as programmer at least once a year. It 's not that I don't have a job, or that I don't like what I do, but since I am self employed and runnin...more»


The Ins and Outs of Providing References

Job Application LINDSAY OLSON references

Submitted Jan 12 2012 by Victor Bennett, 3 comments

You've likely been asked for references in an interview or during the application process. Rather than scrambling to pull a few together, you should have these all prepared well in advance and keep...more»



Job Application Hiring Human Resource Interview Daniel Miessler

Submitted Dec 14 2011 by Sydney Austin, 2 comments

Few topics are discussed as much in the tech industry as how to hire great people. There are myriad approaches, from how to look for qualities you want, to how to filter people you don't want, to h...more»


Job Applicant Privacy And Social Media

Job Search Job Application Lewis Humphries

Submitted Apr 12 2012 by Victor Bennett, 2 comments

As we enter into a brand new financial year, there appears to be little chance of stopping the unprecedented growth of social media. By the close of 2011, Facebook had amassed 845 mi...more»

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