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Why Networking In Unusual Places Is Critical For College Grads

Starbucks Intern jobs recruiting graduates

Submitted Sep 30 2013 by Vincent Clayton, 0 comments

The job market is still competitive, especially for recent college graduates, which means networking is a critical step to landing a job. Most college graduates know to tap their campus career cent...more»


Survey: How to communicate with Millennials at work

Accor Sur benefits employees

Submitted Apr 4 2014 by Katie Baldwin, 0 comments

The traditional way to communicate benefits and policies to employees is to hand the new hires a stack of pamphlets, paperwork and an employee handbook. A survey released Wednesday by Guidespark, a...more»


Average U.S. Employee Only Takes Half of Earned Vacation Time; Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey (Q1 2014)

Employee Harris Accor Harris Interactive Time

Submitted Apr 3 2014 by Katie Baldwin, 0 comments

While the U.S. government, under the Fair Labor Standards Act, does not currently require employers to grant employees paid time off, employees who do earn vacation time may need a reminder to actu...more»

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