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Three Types of People to Fire Immediately

Management Workplace G. Michael Maddock

Submitted Nov 29 2011 by Victor Bennett, 39 comments

“I wanted a happy culture. So I fired all the unhappy people.” —A very successful CEO (who asked not to be named) We (your authors) teach our children to work hard and never, ever give up. We tea...more»


The Fine Art of Praising Employees

Performance Review Management Workplace Boss Jeff Haden

Submitted Nov 23 2011 by Victor Bennett, 8 comments

1. Treat employees like snowflakes. Every employee responds differently to recognition. Many appreciate public praise. Others cringe and want to run away. Recognize each employee in the way that pr...more»


Three Types of Bosses That Should Be Fired

Management Boss Steve Tobak

Submitted Nov 22 2011 by Sydney Austin, 6 comments

I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds, maybe thousands of brilliant people over a 30-year career in high-tech. Unfortunately, that's not really saying much, since just about any CEO, execu...more»


How to deal with an invisible promotion

Management Promotion Vickie Elmer

Submitted Feb 1 2012 by Katie Baldwin, 8 comments

In this environment it's great to have a job. But three of them? That's the situation facing Judy Gray, president of the Florida Society of Association Executives, and her team. In the past two yea...more»


How a Few Bad Apples Ruin Everything

Management Boss ROBERT SUTTON Career Satisfaction

Submitted Nov 21 2011 by Elina Douglas, 8 comments

Superstars get a lot of attention from bosses. But bad apples deserve even more. A growing body of research suggests that having just a few nasty, lazy or incompetent characters around can ruin th...more»


Perks With a Payoff

Management Productivity BRAD REAGAN Compensation

Submitted Nov 26 2011 by Jason Edwards, 9 comments

Companies look for the freebies that actually help the bottom linemore»


23 traits of good leaders

Management Leader career strategy Rachel Farrell

Submitted Aug 23 2011 by Linda Cruz, 21 comments

 Leadership is one of those nebulous terms -- you hear it all the time but it has various definitions. The traits that make up a good leader can vary depending on the organization, team, manag...more»


Transparency Pays Off In 360-Degree Reviews

Performance Review Management Workplace JOANN S. LUBLIN

Submitted Dec 8 2011 by Linda Cruz, 5 comments

Like most executives, Sanjeev Nikore had managerial faults. But unlike most executives, he publicly divulged them to fellow staffers. The result? A promotion. Mr. Nikore, a senior corporate vice ...more»


The Dumbest Idea In The World: Maximizing Shareholder Value

Management Stock Steve Denning

Submitted May 2 2012 by Linda Cruz, 12 comments

There is only one valid definition of a business purpose: to create a customer. Peter Drucker, The Practice of Management “Imagine an NFL coach,” writes Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman Scho...more»


Making Yourself Indispensable

Management Workplace John H. Zenger

Submitted Oct 19 2011 by Susan Copper, 3 comments

A manager we’ll call Tom was a midlevel sales executive at aFortune 500 company. After a dozen or so years there, he was thriving—he made his numbers, he was well liked, he got consistently po...more»

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