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Seven Hidden-Gem Careers

Career Change Career Development Career Path Larry Buhl Career Satisfaction

Submitted Nov 26 2011 by Sydney Austin, 6 comments

Jobs that impress strangers and make your parents giddy with pride may not be the best for you. Whether you’re starting out or changing careers, lesser-known alternative careers may offer lower pre...more»


Superjobs': Why You Work More, Enjoy It Less

Career Development Work-life Balance Productivity Workplace ANNE KADET

Submitted Nov 23 2011 by Elina Douglas, 10 comments

1. Get Coaching 2. Blow Off Steam 3. Manage Up 4. Cap Your Hoursmore»


Seven Networking No-Nos

Career Development Professional Networking Job Hunting social media Networking

Submitted Feb 6 2012 by Elina Douglas, 7 comments

1. Don't arrive late. To make things easier on yourself, time your arrival so you can maximize the interactions you're most interested in having. "Especially for people who typically shy away fro...more»


8 Beliefs That Are Stalling Your Career

Career Development Career Path Alison Green

Submitted Apr 18 2012 by Alison Brown, 4 comments

If you'd like to do better in your career, it's worth asking yourself if your own work beliefs are holding you back. Here are eight common misconceptions that can keep you from getting the projects...more»


How To Speed Up A Career Switch

Career Change Career Development

Submitted Feb 2 2012 by Alison Brown, 4 comments

The job market is tough these days, especially if you haven't earned a college degree. The time is fast approaching - if it isn't here already - when higher education will be a necessity for anyone...more»


How to Find a Job in a “Jobless Economy”

Job Search Career Development Job Hunting jobs Jobless

Submitted Feb 6 2012 by Vincent Clayton, 7 comments

Job seekers may be very surprised to learn that human resources pros and recruiters attend conferences to talk about “the war for talent.” Ironically, when so many people are looking for work, man...more»


Do I Owe My Employees a Career Path?

Career Development Career Path Promotion PAUL DOWNS

Submitted Feb 6 2012 by Elina Douglas, 7 comments

As sales pick up, I’ve been trying to build our production capacity proportionally. This has been hard for me to accomplish in the past. During the last big expansion, between 2003 and 2008, I foun...more»


The Great Jobs Mismatch

Career Development jobs Career Path Unemployment Robert J. Samuelson

Submitted Feb 2 2012 by Elina Douglas, 9 comments

nemployment. One puzzle of this somber economy is the existence of unfilled jobs in the midst of mass unemployment. You might think (I did) that with almost 14 million Americans unemployed — and n...more»


What I Wish Someone Had Told Me 4 Years Ago

Career Development Life Lesson Amir Khella

Submitted Feb 4 2012 by Susan Copper, 10 comments

he year is 2007, and I had just left Microsoft to dive into the startup world. Like many first time entrepreneurs, I was very excited about the adventure. And like many first time entrepreneurs, I ...more»


Career Counselor: Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Career Development Microsoft Apple Career Path

Submitted Feb 4 2012 by Victor Bennett, 7 comments

Update: Steve Jobs, who died on Thursday at 56, famously said that Bill Gates would be "a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.'' Mr. Jobs also thoug...more»

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