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How to Land a New Job

Job Search Cover Letter Job Interview Job Hunting Resume

Submitted May 29 2012 By Linda Cruz, 23 comments

Whether it's rewriting your cover letter, reviewing the way you approach interviews, or rethinking what kind of job will make you happy, here are some tips for landing a new job in the new year. You'll hear from authors, career experts, career coaches, and even entrepreneurs. Position yours...more»


The Most Annoying, Pretentious and Useless Business Jargon

Business Workplace Max Mallet

Submitted Nov 20 2012 By Jason Edwards, 21 comments

The next time you feel the need to reach out, touch base, shift a paradigm, leverage a best practice or join a tiger team, by all means do it. Just don’t say you’re doing it. If you have to ask why, chances are you’ve fallen under the poisonous spell of business jargon. No longer solely the pr...more»


The Hidden Costs of a Career Change

Career Change Laura Cone

Submitted Nov 25 2011 By Susan Copper, 6 comments

Making a smart career move can secure a better financial future. But before taking the leap to quit a job or go back to college, it's important to budget for the unexpected costs of switching careers. Timing is everything when it comes to returning to college and making a major career change.more»


10 Ways Your Job Is Killing You

Productivity Workplace Career Satisfaction Exercise Health

Submitted Nov 23 2011 By Linda Cruz, 10 comments

1. Insufficient Sleep 2. Lack of Exercise 3. Indoor Air Quality 4. Commuting 5. Workplace Incivility 6. Chronic Pain 7. Lack of Job Security 8. Shift Work Hours 9. Long Hours 10. Toxic Bossmore»


Three Types of Bosses That Should Be Fired

Management Boss Steve Tobak

Submitted Nov 22 2011 By Sydney Austin, 6 comments

I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds, maybe thousands of brilliant people over a 30-year career in high-tech. Unfortunately, that's not really saying much, since just about any CEO, executive, or entrepreneur you're likely to come across has the smarts to do the job.When it comes to man...more»


Job Interview: Questions in a Down Economy

Job Interview Interview Questions James Clear

Submitted Feb 20 2012 By Vincent Clayton, 8 comments

One of the many downsides of a bad economy is that the job market is filled with highly competitive candidates. If you're one of the lucky few to actually land an interview, then you need to take full advantage. That means you need to be prepared for everything the interviewer is going to throw a...more»

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