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Six Ways to Stall Your Job Search

Job Search Job Hunting Larry Buhl

Submitted Apr 29 2012 By Susan Copper, 25 comments

It’s true that the job market in many professions is extremely tight. Even so, experts say that many unemployed people too often make things more difficult for themselves by sabotaging their job search. If you want to find a job now, avoid these six common job-hunting mistakes.  1. Being ...more»


Seven Hidden-Gem Careers

Career Change Career Development Career Path Larry Buhl Career Satisfaction

Submitted Nov 26 2011 By Sydney Austin, 6 comments

Jobs that impress strangers and make your parents giddy with pride may not be the best for you. Whether you’re starting out or changing careers, lesser-known alternative careers may offer lower pressure, better hours and greater personal satisfaction. Here’s a look at seven hidden-gem careersmore»


10 Job Search Mistakes of New College Grads

Job Search new grad Charles Purdy

Submitted May 10 2012 By Linda Cruz, 4 comments

Although this year's college graduates are facing a tough job market (and the smart ones are facing it now, rather than waiting until after graduation), they have an advantage over other job seekers, according to Andy Chan, vice president of career development at Wake Forest University: They are ...more»


Five Surprising $100K Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Degree 100K Jobs Charles Purdy

Submitted Nov 26 2011 By Vincent Clayton, 4 comments

The rising cost of getting a college degree has put attending a traditional four-year college or university out of reach for many people -- and a handful of experts have recently made headlines by saying that a college degree simply isn't worth the massive debt a young person typically incurs in ...more»


Five Signs You’re in the Wrong Job

Workplace Career Path career choice Amanda Frank

Submitted May 1 2012 By Jason Edwards, 13 comments

You’re not quite content at work, nevertheless you shuttle to and fro your job every business day. You know that nothing in life is perfect, so you do your best to placate the sneaking suspicion that something’s off -- that you’re in the wrong job. Is your job an ominous presence you should exorc...more»


10 Words and Terms That Ruin a Resume

Resume Tips Resume Writing Charles Purdy

Submitted Nov 29 2011 By Alison Brown, 3 comments

Your resume needs an update -- that is, if your resume is like that of most people, it’s not as good as it could be. The problem is language: Most resumes are a thicket of deadwood words and phrases -- empty cliches, annoying jargon and recycled buzzwords. Recruiters, HR folks and hiring man...more»

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