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8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses

Boss Geoffrey James

Submitted Apr 23 2012 By Vincent Clayton, 21 comments

A few years back, I interviewed some of the most successful CEOs in the world in order to discover their management secrets. I learned that the "best of the best" tend to share the following eight core beliefs. 1. Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield. Average bosses see business as ...more»


Business Etiquette: 5 Rules That Matter Now

Business Eliza Browning

Submitted Apr 17 2012 By Jason Edwards, 20 comments

The word may sound stodgy. But courtesy and manners are still essential--particularly in business. The word "etiquette" gets a bad rap. For one thing, it sounds stodgy and pretentious. And rules that are socially or morally prescribed seem intrusive to our sense of individuality and freedom. ...more»


7 Things Highly Productive People Do

Productivity Life Lessons Ilya Pozin

Submitted Dec 13 2011 By Alison Brown, 17 comments

You have more important things to focus on than, um, focusing. Get back on track with these tips. You probably don’t want to admit it but you love distractions. In fact, just like monkeys, you get a shot of dopamine every time something pulls you in another direction. Why do you think you c...more»


9 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

Employee Human Resources Salary Motivation benefits

Submitted Nov 28 2011 By Susan Copper, 12 comments

Don't show 'em the money (even if you have it). Here are nine better ways to boost morale. The ability to motivate employees is one of the greatest skills an entrepreneur can possess. Two years ago, I realized I didn’t have this skill. So I hired a CEO who did. Josh had 12 years in the c...more»


Unlock the Secrets of LinkedIn

Job Search social media LinkedIn Networking Marla Tabaka

Submitted Dec 12 2011 By Jason Edwards, 21 comments

What do the 135 million people and more than seven million companies on LinkedIn know that you don't? All too often I receive resistance when I suggest to a client that she utilize LinkedIn to build vendor, partner, and prospect relationships. But what might first feel like an intimidating ...more»


Recruiting the Top 1 Percent

recruiting 1% Joel Spolsky

Submitted May 1 2007 By Linda Cruz, 13 comments

There's a better way to find and hire the very best employees.   54 inShare Joel Spolsky is the founder and CEO of Fog Creek Software in New York City. Today's Editor's Picks How to Close the Biggest Deals 6 Secrets to Hiring & Retaining Great Employees Bu...more»

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