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Why Temporary Work Is Worth It

Job Search Job Hunting Kerry Hannon

Submitted May 25 2012 By Linda Cruz, 16 comments

Today was the day. I put away the last vestige of the ho, ho, ho season—the festive bowl of holiday cards with pictures of smiling kids and pets, along with the occasional annual letters detailing whirlwind lives. As I was taking a final gander, one caught my eye. It was sent by Gwenn Rosener....more»


Top Executive Recruiters Agree There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions

Job Search Job Interview Interview Questions Questions To Ask George Bradt

Submitted Jun 16 2012 By Jason Edwards, 12 comments

The only three true job interview questions are: 1.  Can you do the job? 2.  Will you love the job? 3.  Can we tolerate working with you? That’s it. Those three. Think back, every question you’ve ever posed to others or had asked of you in a job interview is a subset of a deepe...more»


Watch Out! Ten Interview Questions Designed To Trick You

Job Interview Interview Questions Jenna Goudreau

Submitted Feb 23 2012 By Linda Cruz, 12 comments

see photosClick for full photo gallery: The 10 Trickiest Interview Questions Answered For the long-term unemployed or those workers looking for a change, getting an interview in today’s market may feel like a win in itself. But once you’re in the door, interviewers often put you through an o...more»


How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)

Communication Life Lessons Personality Jessica Hagy

Submitted Nov 30 2011 By Jason Edwards, 12 comments

How to be interesting (in 10 stupid-simple steps):             1.Go exploring. Explore ideas, places, and opinions. The inside of the echo chamber is where all the boring people hang out.             2. Share what yo...more»


Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail To Keep Their Best Talent

Eric Jackson employer fail talent reasons

Submitted May 1 2012 By Jason Edwards, 23 comments

hether it’s a high-profile tech company like Yahoo!, or a more established conglomerate like GE or Home Depot, large companies have a hard time keeping their best and brightest in house. Recently, GigaOM discussed the troubles at Yahoo! with a flat stock price, vested options for some o...more»


Nine Dangerous Things You Were Taught In School

Education College Jessica Hagy degrees

Submitted May 2 2012 By Susan Copper, 9 comments

Be aware of the insidious and unspoken lessons you learned as a child. To thrive in the world outside the classroom, you’re going to have to unlearn them. Dangerous things you were taught in school: 1. The people in charge have all the answers. That’s why they are so wealthy and happy and he...more»

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