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100 Best Companies to Work for

Pay company culture Fortune companies

Submitted May 6 2011 By Jason Edwards, 23 comments

100 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR  2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006  Full List Near You Top Companies Big Pay Best Perks   Top 100 Rank ▾ Company Job growth U.S. employees 1 Google 33% 18,500 2 Boston Consultin...more»


10 hot careers for 2012 - and beyond

Job Search Career Career Options Anne Fisher career choices

Submitted Jun 3 2012 By Linda Cruz, 11 comments

Hiring overall probably won't pick up much next year, but there are pockets of prosperity even in this job market. Here's where the most opportunities are now. FORTUNE -- Strange but true: Despite the fact that unemployment is stuck at around 9%, which translates to about 15 million Americans ou...more»


4 degrees with 0% unemployment

Education career strategy career choices Annalyn Censky degrees

Submitted Jun 29 2012 By Linda Cruz, 14 comments

College grads who majored in actuarial science or astrophysics have a practically nonexistent unemployment rate. Actuary job in hand, before the degree Bette Wiebke Majored in Actuarial Science, Class of `12 Drake University Why become an actuary? My parents kind of planted the idea in m...more»


The most ridiculous job interview questions

Job Interview Interview Questions Anne Fisher

Submitted Nov 23 2011 By Susan Copper, 3 comments

As if job interviews weren't stressful enough, hiring managers at some of the largest companies have taken to throwing real curve balls. Here's a sampling of the wackiest questions.more»


10 business e-mails you shouldn't send

Productivity Workplace Email Andrea Bartz Brenna Ehrlich

Submitted Nov 25 2011 By Susan Copper, 6 comments

Imagine a tiny boat afloat on a thrashing sea, water pouring through a gaping hole in the hull. A sailor is frantically bailing dark, angry water, but no matter how much he scoops, the water line never seems to recede -- more waves just pummel him in the face like a particularly insecure middle-s...more»


Working long hours doubles depression odds

Productivity Workplace Health Matt McMillen

Submitted May 24 2012 By Susan Copper, 31 comments

Working long hours appears to substantially increase a person's risk of becoming depressed, regardless of how stressful the actual work is, a new study suggests. The study, which followed 2,123 British civil servants for six years, found that workers who put in an average of at least 11 hours pe...more»

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