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25 college majors with lowest unemployment rates

Education career choice new grad jobs

Submitted Dec 28 2011 By Linda Cruz, 13 comments

Will I get a job when I graduate from college? That's a huge question that college students are asking themselves, now perhaps more than ever. Students who select more marketable college majors are going to increase their chances of landing a job. The Georgetown University Center...more»


Job Interview? 9 Great Tips to Get You to Round 2

Job Interview Interview Questions Questions To Ask Follow Up Interview Preparation

Submitted Nov 22 2011 By Victor Bennett, 5 comments

1. Ask them upfront why they wouldn't hire you. The interview is coming to a close, but make sure you stick your landing, says Roberta Chinksy Matuson, President of Human Resource Solutions and author of Suddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around. "Always end the conve...more»


LinkedIn: 4 Biggest Mistakes You're Probably Making

Job Search Recruiter LinkedIn Social Network Networking

Submitted Nov 22 2011 By Sydney Austin, 7 comments

Here are the most common ways people aren't making the most of their presence on the site -- and how experts say you can fix that. 1. Having A Vague Headline 2. Maintaining A Passive Profile 3. Not Trying New Tools 4. Networking Only When You Need Somethingmore»


How to Write a Resume: Examples of What Not to Do

Resume Tips Resume Posting Resume Coach Resume Resume Builder

Submitted Nov 24 2011 By Vincent Clayton, 7 comments

1. Apply for a job for which you are not remotely qualified 2. Include a lofty mission statement 3. Use one generic resume for every job listing 4. Make recruiters or hiring managers guess how exactly you can help their client 5. Don’t explain how past experience translates to a new position 6. D...more»


The Fine Art of Praising Employees

Performance Review Management Workplace Boss Jeff Haden

Submitted Nov 23 2011 By Victor Bennett, 8 comments

1. Treat employees like snowflakes. Every employee responds differently to recognition. Many appreciate public praise. Others cringe and want to run away. Recognize each employee in the way that produces the greatest impact for them. 2. Never wait. The greater the interval between performance and...more»


The new rules on dressing for success

Workplace Tom Searcy company culture

Submitted Nov 8 2011 By Linda Cruz, 12 comments

I have a number of super-successful Silicon Valley clients who dress in ripped denim, Vans shoes and t-shirts. They are worth hundreds of millions, even more, but it's a status symbol to dress like you're homeless to attend board meetings.Conversely, I have worked with trash-hauling company execu...more»

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