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What is the American Non-woven company culture?

Do you know what is a typical day of an employee working at American Non-woven? Are there strict dress code? Do people dressed in casual (jeans and t-shirts), business casual (shirts), or business (suits)? Do employees get together for happy hours?

Nov 4 2011 by aaron_braun

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2  Answers
There is no typical day at American Non-woven. Every group is different at American Non-woven. Most of groups are decent while there will always be tough ones. Make sure you find out if they will work you to death or not because if you get in the wrong group, you could be dealing with a ton of abuse. You can always ask interviewer about performance review, turnover rates and the hours involved. Better ways to know is to find connections at American Non-woven, ask them.
Nov 6 2011 Bymars2
It all depends on groups and boss that you are going to work with at American Non-woven. If you get a good boss then life is good. Best/safe advice to start is to not too different from your colleagues in dress code, work and communication style.
Nov 7 2011 ByEmdux
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