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Uchiyama America Incorporated job application status?

I applied for a job at Uchiyama America Incorporated. Other than the confirmation email, I haven't heard from them for several weeks now. I also found out that the job listing at Uchiyama America Incorporated company website is gone and a slightly different job was posted. Does that mean the job was filled? Who I should contact? What I need to do? Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated.

Nov 3 2011 by rogersteinberg

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2  Answers
Job posting vary a lot. It all depends on the company HR and hiring group or hiring manager at Uchiyama America Incorporated. I would suggest you follow up with your contact to inquire about your application status. Meantime, continue applying for jobs at other companies. Persistency, consistency and preparation are key for any job search, including for jobs at Uchiyama America Incorporated.
Nov 5 2011 Bywumi1
Follow up! It is very important for Uchiyama America Incorporated job application and any job search. You can send them email or call them to ask them about your application status after about two weeks. IMPORTANT! Follow up after your interview at Uchiyama America Incorporated, thank the interviewer and HR for their time, mention things you might have missed or forgot to emphasize in the interview.
Nov 6 2011 Bynyclax
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