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What Your Starbucks Habit Really Costs You

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It's getting a little more expensive to have a Starbucks habit.

The Seattle-based coffee company (SBUX) said Tuesday that it would hike prices by an average of 1% in the Northeast and Sunbelt regions, where prices haven't been raised in roughly five years.

Starbucks is following the lead of other food companies, includingMcDonald's and Chipotle, which have hiked prices in the past year to cope with rising commodity costs.

The company said the average price of a "tall" -- the smallest drink -- brewed beverage will rise by 10 cents in New York. This morning the price hike was already in effect, as caffeine cravers shelled out $2.01 for a cup of coffee, up from $1.91. The coffee house allows for some regional pricing, so the actual cost of your morning habit could vary. But that could easily bump the price of a large -- "venti" -- latte over $4 a cup, not including tip.

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If one of your resolutions is to cut costs this year, it might be worth noting what your coffee habit is going to cost you over time. 

If you buy one $4 latte each day, that coffee habit will set you back $28 a week, about $120 a month and $1,460 per year. Keep that up for five years, and you've slurped away $7,300, not including any money you might have earned by investing your cash instead. If you account for missed investment returns, the loss amounts to roughly $9,300 (assuming a 9% average return).

After 10 years, your Starbucks habit costs you a car. After 30 years, the $239,891 that you drank away (including investment returns), could have bought a house. Over 40 years, the Starbuckshabit could reduce your retirement nest-egg by an astounding $634,428 -- enough to generate an income of more than $2,600 a month.

No one is suggesting that you give up your daily jolt...

Full article: What Your Starbucks Habit Really Costs You

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Jan 3 2012 submitted by Elina Douglas

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