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Home » What I learned at the “George W. Bush Presidential Li-Berry.”


What I learned at the “George W. Bush Presidential Li-Berry.”

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Recently, Canadian ad blogger Heidi Ehlers, founder of Camp Black Bag, told me about a lesson she once learned from her mother. Heidi had just moped into a room to whine to her mother, “Momma, I am sobored.”  And her mother responded, sagely if a little coldly, “No my dear, you are boring.”
Sue me if you want, but I agree with Heidi’s mom and want to pass along some advice to students everywhere: If you are even capable of being bored, I don’t wanna hear it. In fact, never let on to anyone, especially your creative director, that you have the kind of intellect capable of being so switched-off it can be bored.
When you say, “I was so bored this weekend” you’re stating that you find the entire universe – in all its mystery, in all its explosive beauty, in all its fractal complexity –  that the entire universe bores you. Saying “I’m bored” suggests  you’ve in fact seen  and thought of every interesting thing in the universe, read every book, been down every street, looked into every window, talked to all 7 billion people and that until some NEW material comes along, frankly, you’re not at fault for mopin’ around the house and draggin’ your knuckles a little bit. “Sorry, but there’s  nuthin’ ta DO.”
I simply cannot imagine a smart person being bored, ever.
I try to picture Albert Einstein moping around his house with “nuthin’ ta do.” I can’t. I try to imagine, say, Malcolm Gladwell hangin’ out over at Paul McCartney’s house and they’re tossing cards into an upturned hat, both grumbling about how bloody boring everything is. I can’t. I try to imagine George W. Bush  and …  well, that’s a fairly easy image to conjure.
(There’s W at his ranch. His cable is out which means he can’t watch NASCAR so he’s out on his porch waiting for...

Full article: What I learned at the “George W. Bush Presidential Li-Berry.”

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Jan 8 2012 submitted by Elina Douglas

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