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Top 5 Online Communities for Starting Your Career

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It’s helpful to have someone with more experience show you the ropes when you’re beginning a new journey — this is especially true when it comes to entering the job market.
Having a community that shares job openings, tips, resources and words of wisdom is of real value, especially when you can ask the tough questions, such as “Do I really need to write a cover letter?” or “What are the job prospects in my industry?”
There are several career communities that focus on those initial years of your career and offer resources for you to start off strong — here are five.

1. Intern Queen

Intern Queen is a site managed by Lauren Berger, named by Businessweek magazine as one of the Top 5 Young Entrepreneurs Under 25. Berger shares her experience from 15 internships (hence the moniker “Intern Queen”) as the foundation for her advice.
You can search for internships as well as get on the Intern Queen Hot List, a bi-monthly e-mail of opportunities. The Intern Queen has a strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

2. YouTern

YouTern also focuses on the internship market. Organizations are able to post internships for free and search the resume database. Individuals are able to search for opportunities by location, position, or industry. Searches can also be filtered by paid/non-paid, virtual, school credit and others.
Its internship resources page lists other relevant blogs that help individuals rate internship opportunities and educate companies on employment law related to internships.
In addition to its blog, YouTern has a robust listing of white papers providing information about college recruiting.

3. focuses on helping people learn from the experience of others. It promotes itself as more than a traditional job board/resume bank. The site offers something for students, alumni, employers and schools. Users have the ability to create a profile, network with other students/alumni/mentors, as well as search for opportunities.

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Jan 12 2011 submitted by Sydney Austin

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