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The Top 10 Benefits of an Online Degree Program

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After attempting to return to college, taking one or two classes here and there around family and career responsibilities, I finally enrolled at an online university. In about two years, I completed the program and received my Bachelors in Administration - Accounting degree.
As a single mother and primary supporter of five children, I do not believe I could have earned my degree without my online university.
Flexible Hours
While online courses have due dates that must be met, there is a great deal of flexibility as to when you can complete assignments when studying online. I participated in online classroom discussions at 1:00 am and submitted papers on Sunday afternoons. I was able to complete the work on my schedule, outside of the restrictions of a designated class time.
Pop In, Pop Out
Not only are the times when you can attend class flexible, the amount of time you spend in a class is flexible. I often had just enough time during my lunch break to enter into a classroom discussion. With the online option, I could exit the forum group when I needed to return to work and then rejoin after work if necessary.
Flexible Location
Online courses can be taken wherever you have Internet access. I completed one class from the Internet lounge of a cruise ship while my family was on vacation.
Time-Out Options
My university offered classes in five-week slots rather than by semester or terms. This was very beneficial when my father became terminally ill. I was able to stop taking classes for 15 weeks during his last days without withdrawing and without throwing my student loans into repayment.
Online Resources
In addition to classes, my university library was online, allowing me to not only attend classes but to do research on my schedule. As an alumnus, I continue to have access to these resources.

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May 15 2012 submitted by Elina Douglas

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