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The Best Paying Sales Jobs

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The mathematics of a job in sales is simple: Sell more to earn more.
But knowing what kind of product or service to sell to earn a lucrative salary is difficult. Residential real estate isn't any longer the money-earner it used to be, nor are some areas of finance.
If you don't want to relocate, Alice Heiman, a Reno, Nev.-based sales strategist suggests thinking about regional economic trends. "Look at the economy right in your neighborhood," she says. Whether it's business-to-business or consumer sales, there may be well-paying sales positions available. Fields like technology and health care are especially hot.
We talked to recruiters and researched job ads to find seven of this year's most lucrative sales jobs:
Contract Research Organizations (CRO) Sales
Total compensation: $150,000 to $500,000
When pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs or devices, they contract out clinical testing to CROs in order to send the drug or device through the FDA approval process. Sales reps often have science backgrounds, some with advanced degrees, and sell the CRO's services to the pharmaceutical or medical device companies.
They are well-compensated because "this market is highly regulated, highly documented and highly competitive, and the sales reps who market the CRO services have to have a keen understanding of the industry," says Kandi Williams, founder of KL Williams & Associates, a biotech and marketing recruiting firm. Salespeople are also responsible for marketing and explaining the capabilities of the CRO.
Bioinformatics Sales
Total compensation: $100,000 to $400,000
As the mass of data available at many life sciences firms increases, technology that creates long-lasting intelligence from the multitude of information is in high demand. Those involved in bioinformatics sales are essentially selling data solutions within the life sciences field and working at companies like Geneva Bioinformatics, Array Genetics and BioDiscovery Inc.
Prior technical and lab experience is needed for bioinformatics sales and most people...

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Nov 21 2011 submitted by Linda Cruz

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