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The Best And Worst Reasons To Go Back To School

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Is higher education right for you? Before you decide, check out our list of best and worst reasons to go back to school.
Thinking of going back to school to advance your education? That could be a great move if it's done for the right reason. If done for the wrong reason...well, not so much.
Meredith Haberfeld, New York-based career and executive coach, says potential students need to carefully consider what they want their future to look like before returning to school.
"It's about figuring out what you love doing, how much you are committed to earning, and what careers and degrees match back to that," says Haberfeld.
Are you going back to school for the right reasons? Read on to see what experts say are some of the best and worst reasons to go back to school.
Worst Reason #1 - You Are Being Pushed by Someone to Do It
Going back to school should be a decision you make for yourself, not a decision someone makes for you.
"Personally, I think it's better for those students to, like that great quote in 'Pulp Fiction' says, 'Walk the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu' and figure out what they want," says Schneiderman.
In other words, he thinks letting someone else push you back to school is a terrible idea.
 "What happens," he says, "is they end up being unsuccessful for their first couple semesters and once they have those poor grades on their transcripts, it's with them forever. Then, in a few years when they're ready and motivated to go back to school, they have those poor grades stuck with them."
So, make sure that you're going back to school because you want to, not because someone is pushing you to do it.

Worst Reason #2 - You're Doing It Solely to Get a Job
Going back to school to help you...

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Dec 31 2011 submitted by Susan Copper

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