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Six Businesses You Can Run From a Tropical Island


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1) Freelance SEO Writing

Search engine optimization firms all over the world are looking for good writers for the purposes of article marketing. This is a technique where you write a lot of articles on the keyword you want to rank for, and in exchange you get a link back to your website from within the article. To oversimplify, more links = better rankings. This is a great job for people who like to write, and more importantly those who can do itquickly. The articles don’t need to be extremely in depth, and are usually between 300-500 words. Skilled SEO writers can do 4-5 an hour and make $10-15 per article. These jobs are easy to come by and allow you to work as much or as little as you want.

2) Web Design

Design skills are always in demand and while anyone can design something, not anyone can design something good. If you’re willing to put in some hours learning the Adobe Suite and exploring your creative side, there’s huge opportunity for designing everything from simple websites and ebooks, to getting full brand integration work. If you want to become a fully competent designer, the best tool on earth is Lynda. For $25/month you can learn the ins and outs of all the programs necessary to become a web designer. Considering you can charge double that an hour, its a worthwhile investment.

Designers who can code as well certainly have it easier, and can also charge more, but coding skills aren’t necessary. Just be sure to form some solid relationships with people who can code your designs (there are plenty out there), so that you can focus on honing your new skills.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Some of the wealthiest people I know have made their money through affiliate marketing. This is the...

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Nov 26 2011 submitted by Sydney Austin

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