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My experiences as a Recruiter on Hacker News

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Allow me to preface this post with some caveats:
I have not, nor ever will attempt to solicit business on Hacker News

This is not a 'pity me' post

Here's a little bit of background on me: I studied Software Development in University and worked as a (very average) Developer for a few years and it just simply wasn't for me. I was young and eager to travel and meet new people so I wanted a job that would afford me the luxury and finances to facilitate such a lifestyle so I moved into sales which eventually lead to recruitment and never looked back. My experience as a Developer does provide me with the edge over most people in my industry and I think this is the key to changing the face of Tech Recruitment but I will cover that in my next post.

I discovered Hacker News through Reddit/r/Programming and having seen it mentioned a few times, I took the leap and created a profile under the nameKoZeN.
My first impressions were shock & awe. I was blown away by the quality of submissions and I am still perplexed by the almost non-existent presence of trolls and small-minded, ill informed script-kiddies.

Having read the Guidelines & FAQ I tentatively started to contribute my opinions, albeit limited and basic and eventually I discovered a significant air of disdain towards the recruitment industry so now and again I would weigh in with my opinion that we are not all that bad. Most of us are terrible but more on that later.

I eventually hit breaking point and decided to actively try and help the community and maybe even change some peoples perception that we are money hungry, clueless idiots by offering to critique CV's/resumes for people on Hacker News who might potentially be looking for work. In...

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Aug 29 2011 submitted by Alison Brown

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