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Job Interview: Questions in a Down Economy

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One of the many downsides of a bad economy is that the job market is filled with highly competitive candidates. If you're one of the lucky few to actually land an interview, then you need to take full advantage. That means you need to be prepared for everything the interviewer is going to throw at you. The competition is high enough as it is, there's no point in hurting yourself because you're not prepared.[In Pictures: Celebrities with the Biggest Money Problems.]It's all about the story. Before we get into the questions, let's cover a crucial suggestion: you need to have good stories to tell. Stories are vitally important to a successful interview for a few reasons. First, they are memorable. We rarely remember all of the facts, but a story that makes us think, laugh, cry, or feel something ... well, that sticks with us long after it's over.Secondly, they are adaptable. Good stories fit many molds, which means you can use your stories even if the interviewer asks a question that you aren't prepared to answer.Finally, we assign our own meaning to stories. This is especially important for interviews. We can't read the minds of the interviewer, which means that even if we believe our answer was solid, we're still can't be sure that it was what they wanted to hear. Good stories solve that problem because there are often many lessons hidden within one story. The pieces that stick with the interviewer will make an impact on them even if we didn't plan it that way.So take some time to think through the past and develop some solid stories that shed light on your abilities, accomplishments, and values.With that in mind, here are ten difficult interview questions and a few tips on how to answer them.1. What are...

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Feb 20 2012 submitted by Vincent Clayton

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