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James Altucher: 10 More Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job Right Now!

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Reason #1: Safety
We used to think you get a corporate job, you rise up, you get promoted, maybe you move horizontally to another division or a similar company, you get promoted again, and eventually you retire with enough savings in your IRA.
That's all gone.
That myth disappeared in 2008. It really never existed but now we know it's a myth. Corporate CEOs kept their billion dollar salaries and laid off about 20 million people and sent the jobs to China. Fine, don't complain or blame other people. But your job is not safe.
Reason #2: Home
Everyone thinks they need a safe job so they can save up to buy a home and also qualify for a mortgage. Mortgage lenders at the banks like people who are like them — other people locked in cubicle prison
Well now you don't need to worry about that. Here's why you should never own a home in the first place. Save yourself the stress.
Reason #3: College
Everyone thinks they need to save up to send their kids to college. Depending on how many kids you have and where you want them to go to college it could cost millions.
Well now we know you don't need to send your kid to college. So you don't need to stress about that money anymore.
Reason #4: Their boss
Most people don't like their boss. It's like any relationship. Most of the time you get into a relationship for the wrong reasons. Eventually you're unhappy. And if you don't get out, you become miserable and scarred for life.
Reason #5: Their coworkers
See above.
Reason #6: Fear
We have such a high unemployment rate, people are afraid if they leave the job they are miserable at, they won't be able to get a job. This is true if you just walk into your boss's office and pee on...

Full article: James Altucher: 10 More Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job Right Now!

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Nov 22 2011 submitted by Susan Copper

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