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Hate Your Job? Here's the Best Quitting Video EVER

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Call it cubicle porn — the stuff we cube dwellers fantasize about. It’s the best quitting video EVER.

Source: YouTube
I QUIT! Hit it, boys. And a one, and a two ...

Joey DeFrancesco had enough of his job and the working conditions at a hotel in Providence, RI. He said employees were often scheduled 5am to midnight, or expected to work until midnight and come back at 5am the next day. Anyone who spoke up or failed to meet brutal requirements like this was punished — or fired, Joey said. He tried to organize a union but after 3 ½ years, he’d had enough.
So he quit.
But he didn’t just quit. He brought his brass band, the What Cheer Brigade, with him. Oh, and he brought a video camera. And when he got home, he uploaded it to YouTube [GOOG  607.55    10.58  (+1.77%)   ].

And now, it's been viewed by more than 2 million people all over the world.
The video opens with a lot of nervous giggling outside the hotel as Joey announces to the camera he’s about to go in and quit. He ushers his band in through the employee entrance. They ambush his boss in the hallway, who immediately orders all of them out without knowing what they’re there for. Joey says, “I’m here to tell you that I’m quitting” and attempts to hand him his resignation letter but the boss won’t take it. So Joey drops it at his feet, throws his hands in the air like “Touchdown!” and walks out, followed by his band who play him off like a hero.
Watch the video:

It’s telling about the economy that the video has been viewed by MILLIONS — plural — of people and it’s generated more than 3,500 comments like “This is so cool!,” “I can’t stop watching this! This. Is. AWESOME.” and “Every resignation should involve a...

Full article: Hate Your Job? Here's the Best Quitting Video EVER

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Oct 21 2011 submitted by Susan Copper

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