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Getting a job in software development: A Reddit discussion round-up

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Hello /r/cscareerquestions! I'm going on the job hunt for the first time since starting my career, after receiving a bachelor's in CS degree in 2003. I've collected these Reddit submissions over the past year or so. I hope you find them useful.
But first, some questions: Any particular ones in here that you think are gems? What discussions have I missed?
EDIT: 2011-12-15: I intend to continue to update this list. If you have an addition, leave a top-level comment or message me. Thanks!

Theory of computation, foundations of CS, etc.
Foundations of Computer Science (Aho, Ullman textbook) online.
Foundations of Computer Science (same book as previous)
What are the canonical texts on theoretical computer science?
Less foundational, but: Is there a list of the canonical introductory textbooks covering the major branches of computer science?

P vs. NP, Big-O
Np-complete problems, and their relationships. Does anyone know a more complete graph than this one?
Plain english explanation of Big O
On undecidable problems
Still ignorant: what is the NP=P problem?
P versus NP in Simple English

Data structures (in general)
Looking for recommendations for an intro/freshmen level data structures text book.
What are the lesser known but cool data structures

Data structures (specific)
Alternative (and understandable!) explanation of red-black tree balancing - /r/compsci
Alternative (and understandable!) explanation of red-black tree balancing - /r/coding
Skip Lists are pretty awesome

Algorithms (all)
I'm looking for a good book on algorithms. Suggestions?
Subreddit dedicated to discussing algorithmic programming problems - check it out!
Algorithms, 4th Edition, book site
Detailed review of MIT's "Introduction to Algorithms" course

Algorithms (classes of algorithms, specific algorithms)
<omitted for now because there's a ton: sorting algorithms, graph-based algorithms, text, cryptographic, data compression, DSP, dynamic, randomized, constraint programming, etc. Google is good, or I can list them if there's interest.>

Data structures and algorithms
[Request] Data Structures and Algorithms (/r/UniversityOfReddit)
I'm an experienced developer looking to master data structures / algorithms, what books should I read?

Math / logic
Mathematics for computer science (Fall 2010, MIT)
Book suggestions for building...

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