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Flexible Degrees That Fit Your Schedule

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With an online degree program, the balancing act between work and life could get a little easier.
How much more complicated would your life be if you added going back to school to your work and personal life?
You might be inclined to say "very complicated," but career counseling expert, Rich Feller, says it doesn't have to be as stressful as you might think...if you choose an online degree program.
A spokesman for the National Career Development Association (NCDA), Feller says an online education program could provide benefits to your work-life balance - namely access and flexibility.
"Online degrees provide access to people who might not have had access to education before, either due to their geographic location, past background, or work situation," says Feller.
When it comes to fitting school into busy schedules, he says an online education "gives people maximum flexibility and more choices they need."
To help you maintain a better work-life balance when adding education to the mix, consider pursing one of these online degree programs.
Online Degree #1 - Business Administration
Do you aspire to take the business world by storm, or have dreams of working as a corporate giant?
Depending on the school and courses, an online MBA program generally covers business law, management, and economics - all knowledge that could serve you well upon graduation. Online MBA programs also generally allow you to specialize in a variety of subject areas while arranging a class schedule around your other commitments.

Degree Perk: Earning an online master's in business administration (MBA) could give you the opportunity to learn what it takes to lead companies while maintaining a work-life balance.
Potential Careers and Average Salaries:*
Marketing manager: $122,720
Financial manager: $116,970
Management analyst: $87,260

Online Degree #2 - Education
Do you have knowledge that you hope to share with others? By earning an online degree in education, you could have a chance to learn teaching methods...

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Feb 20 2012 submitted by Sydney Austin

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