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Home » 'Don't Go To Law School,' 'Move To Asia,' And 28 Other Pearls Of Wisdom For 2012 Grads


'Don't Go To Law School,' 'Move To Asia,' And 28 Other Pearls Of Wisdom For 2012 Grads

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This month, a huge batch of 20-somethings will be loosed upon the country with shiny new degrees in hand. We’ve crowd-sourced advice for the graduates of 2012 from our host of writers based on their areas of expertise. Here are 25 pearls of wisdom from Forbes. Spend them wisely.
Via Monte Burke, who covers the world of sports and is, of course, a player on the Forbes “Capitalist Tools” softball team:
1. Remember your sporting endeavors in college, be it intramural or Division one? Keep playing. Join the company softball team. Play soccer in the park. Sometimes, there’s no better way to network and make new friends.
2. Volunteer as a youth coach. Most youth leagues—be it soccer or baseball—need more coaches. Admit it, you always wanted to be Tony La Russa.
3. Schedule at least one get-together a year with your best college buddies. Every year, I get together with 12 of my former classmates for an event we rather grandly call “the Olympics.” We pick teams, wear uniforms and play seven different events (mini golf, tennis, punt-pass-kick, bowling, soccer, bocce, touch football). We have a trophy that is half the size of the Stanley Cup, with each year’s winners engraved on the side. It is one of the most anticipated weekends of each year, a sort of mini-college reunion.
Via Markets writer Abram Brown:
4. Encourage well-wishers to buy you Facebook stock.
Via our editor for Asia John Koppisch:
5. Look for your first job in Asia. Economies are booming and companies are often desperate for educated and skilled job seekers. English-speaking cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore, especially, have almost no unemployment and quickly absorb anyone qualified who lands on their shores. Often you can get hired by a Western company, quickly get promoted because of the fast growth, and then after a few years move back to the States with that company.

Daniel Fisher, our expert...

Full article: 'Don't Go To Law School,' 'Move To Asia,' And 28 Other Pearls Of Wisdom For 2012 Grads

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May 8 2012 submitted by Elina Douglas

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