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Building A Scalable Career

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I am currently reading The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and am getting some really interesting points out of it.  As I read about Taleb's upbringing and his philosophies on life, there is a really interesting point that he writes about that I thought I would share with everyone. He talks about getting a lot of advice in life, and while ignoring most of it, one point stuck with him.  
One of his fellow Wharton classmates explained to Taleb that in looking for a career, make sure that it is "scalable". What he meant by this is to look for a profession where you are not paid by the hour and therefore are not subject to the limitations of the amount of your labour.  This is a really interesting way to put careers in perspective and something that we should discuss a little further.
Since Sokanu is about helping you find your passion in life, and most passions are translated through careers, this point really piqued my interest.  We have all heard of the terms "passive income", "making money while you sleep", etc... but I've never thought of a career as being "scalable".  In business, we talk about building scalable businesses all the time.  
A scalable business is one that can grow at an extremely rapid pace, with roughly a base input from the people working on the business.  For example, for each user that Facebook gains, they don't hire one person to manage that person.  They don't have to put in eight hours of work to get 100 people to use Farmville.  They have built a scalable platform that grows at a very high rate relative to the amount of employees they have or the time they put in.  Compare this to a consulting business like Deloitte or Accenture or McKinsey.  The reason...

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Dec 29 2011 submitted by Susan Copper

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Source: Author: sokanu

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