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Best Degrees For Your New Career Resolution

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See how the right education could help you fulfill your New Year's resolution to change careers.
Is changing careers your New Year's resolution?
We know, you're worried that it will go the way of the fad diets and French lessons and all the other failed New Year's resolutions. But the right education might be just the thing to make this resolution the one you actually keep.
What? You don't have time to get a four-year bachelor's degree? That's not a problem. In fact, there are many associate's degree and professional certificate programs that can help you prepare to pursue a new career - and both can generally be completed in much less time.
To help you get started, we've broken down six great degree and certificate options to consider pursuing in the New Year.
#1 - Paralegal Studies Associate's Degree or Certificate
If you've got a little Perry Mason in you but don't want to spend four plus years in school, starting an associate's degree or certificate in paralegal studies may be the right New Year's resolution for you.
A paralegal studies education could cover civil procedure, criminal law and procedure, and legal research and writing. If you already have a bachelor's degree, a certificate program, some of which could take as little as a few months to complete, is all that's required, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

What Paralegals Do: They get their Perry Mason on. That is, as a paralegal, you'll likely prepare for hearings and trials, research law and facts, and even work on legal documents. Of course, certain duties are prohibited for anyone but attorneys, like giving legal advice and presenting cases.
Growth Outlook: Much faster than average - 28 percent between 2008 and 2018.*
Average Annual Income: $49,640**

#2 - Information Technology Associate's Degree
If you're the type who rings in the New Year virtually - that is,...

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Jan 1 2012 submitted by Susan Copper

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