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7 Things Not to Say During a Job Interview

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1.) Don't Compliment the Interviewer's Appearance in Any Way
Don’t say: “I love your skirt!”
What to say instead: “I enjoyed reading about your corporate achievements in the paper last month.”

2.) Don’t Cry
Don’t say: “It was the hardest thing I ever went through, and I still break down just thinking about it.”
What to say instead: “It was difficult, but we pulled through.”

3.) Don't Talk About Illnesses Unless They’re Relevant
Don’t say: “My back is killing me, and this time of year is rough on my asthma.”
What to say instead: “During the gap in my resume, I was recuperating from surgery, and it hasn’t been a problem since.”

4.) Don’t Talk about Problems at a Previous Company Unless it’s to Show How You Persevered
Don’t say: “I had so many problems with my former boss; he was a constant headache.”
What to say instead: “I dealt with several problems, but worked through them all successfully.”

5.) Don’t Force Rapport
Don’t say: “I see you have kids. I love kids!”
What to say instead: “Your offices are great. How long has your company been at this location?”

6.) Have No Questions
Don’t say: “Nope. I think you went over everything. See you later!”
What to say instead: “I noticed that your company has won several awards. What do you think gives you that competitive edge?”

7.) Don’t Say You Were Fired
Don’t say: “At my last job, I got canned.”
What to say instead: “It wasn’t a good fit at my last job, but I learned a lot about my skills and abilities and what I want to bring to my next position.”...

Full article: 7 Things Not to Say During a Job Interview

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Feb 5 2012 submitted by Alison Brown

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