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10 Clues to Watch for in an Interview

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If you’re like most people, after you’ve had a job interview you replay the conversation over and over in your head, trying to figure out how you did. Were your answers okay? Did they like you? How likely are you to get the job?
Here are 10 clues to figuring out how your interview went—along with one very important caveat: No sign is foolproof. Sometimes you can be sure that you flubbed an interview but get a job offer anyway, and other times you might be absolutely sure an offer is coming your way, only to find that one never materializes. So keep in mind that these are guideposts, not guarantees.

1. Did the interview talk about next steps and a timeline with you? Good interviewers will make sure that strong candidates know exactly what will happen next and when they can expect to hear something. (Of course, there are plenty of thoughtless interviewers out there, too.)
2. Did the interviewer ask you about your own timeline?Did you hear things like, “Is there any particular timeline you need to adhere to?” or “Please let us know if you get another offer”? If the interviewer seems concerned about ensuring that they don’t lose you to another offer, that’s a good sign.
3. Did the interviewer try to “sell” the position or the company to you? If they spent extra timing talking up the advantages of the job, trying to woo you with information about the culture or development opportunities, this can be a sign that they know they’re interested and they want to make sure that you are too.

4. Did the interviewer mention that the company has a lot of good candidates they’re talking with or that they have a lot of decisions to make internally before they move forward? Sometimes statements like this can be an attempt...

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Oct 11 2011 submitted by Vincent Clayton

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